A Simple Page in HTML

If you know nothing about coding, please understand it is not as complex as one may initially think.  Like everything, it make take some time to learn depending upon your skill set.  However, it is not overly complicated if you employ practice and dedication.  Coding is a learned skill set.  You will encounter some obstacles along the way, but don't [...]

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Favorite Free Websites for To Learn Coding

It is never too early to start coding.  Coding is just not for the overly geeky.  It can be a very marketable skill.  Even a tiny bit of knowledge can help you to advance [...]

Is Traditional Coding School Necessary to Learn How To Code?

The short answer to that is no.  There are plenty of self-pace courses online that allow you to lean and prepare for a specific certification which you need to be trying to [...]

The Cons of a Website Template Builder

When you begin to design a website, you will need somewhere to host the website.  There are a variety of good, inexpensive hosts to choose from.  Companies can offer [...]

Upgrade Your Antiquated Website with CSS

Cascading style sheets (CSS) are a way that you can format the look of a website outside of the words.  By look, I am referring to size, color, font styles, layout, etc.  [...]