How to figure out your essay outline format

How to figure out your essay outline format

There are many ways that you can structure your essay, and figuring out which outline to use is a good idea. You can examine the type of essays you plan to write and then use that information to pick the format and outline for your essay. Different types of essay will require different types of outlines. For example a research essay is going to have a different outline than an argumentative essay.

There is nothing stopping you from writing your own outline if you feel that it would serve you better than the outlines that already exist. However, in that scenario you do run the risk of being rejected by the academic community. If you’re doing your essay for a project at school or college, then you are likely to lose marks because of an essay with a different outline or format. At school or college they require that you follow a set outline, and you will need to follow that if you wish to score highly on coursework assignments.

Check the most commonly used essay outline

Certain disciplines will commonly use certain essay outline format types. Many of these formats are highly standardized, such as MLA format. Certain disciplines use these standardized formats so that people who are doing research in that discipline will only come across consistent works. This makes it a lot easier to not only research, but also to reference certain academic works. You should check to see which essay outlining your chosen discipline tends to gravitate towards.

Creating your own essay format outline

If you stick close to the most commonly seen essay formats, then there is a chance of your essay will not be rejected completely by the academic community. If you have an introduction and conclusion then you may not be applauded for such a simple essay, but you may not be laughed out of the institution. You will have to pick one of the standard ways to reference your work, such as using Harvard, but the choice as to which one you pick out to reference your work is up to you.

You should also take note that the introduction is going to need some sort of thesis within it. This thesis is a condensed piece of information that tells the reader what to expect within the essay itself. Without the thesis how else would the reader know if he or she is even interested in the subject matter of your essay. You should also remember to do a little analysis within your conclusion so that you can wrap up can conclude the essay more fully.